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Lush Creative Showcase 2018 (Manchester)

This post is a part of Blogtober 2018.

This time last week I was travelling back from Manchester after having spent the past two days there working an event.

Though I did spend most of this year working in the event’s shop and having a primary role facilitating in workshops, I did have a little time to check out the event (mostly on the Monday morning). Everything I managed to do was incredible and I had so much fun… even when I was working. I also managed to get my face onto a few Lush shops’ instagrams (including the main Lush Japan page!)

Whilst I was at the event I managed to capture some footage and since the event was so interactive, I decided to best present it in a vlog format… So… Here’s my Creaive Showcase Vlog (23rd and 24th September, Manchester Central Convention Centre).

Some things I never managed to cover were the talks, Lush Moods, new exclusive products (though I will be doing an exclusives haul soon enough) and many many other areas, but this rounds up my own experience and you know it’s fun when this video’s only the half of it!

I hope you all enjoy the vlog and keep your eyes peeled this week; I’m doing blogtober, as I said in yesterday’s post, and this week I’ve got some vegan and literary content to share with you all.

Love always,

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