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Technicolour (Poetic prose by Lauren Curr)

In a world where all looks scare her, eyes meet. There’s a flash of technicolour, standing out, in a world usually seen in black and white vision. Illuminated joy seeps through the waves of life; the salt usually blurs even the brightest of stars and crashes on the sandbanks too fast to even gasp for breath.

For the first time, she didn’t want to drown.

A goal.

She saw hope.

She’d risk the crashing waves for what was before her- a kind of beauty she’d never seen before. A sharp pang on her heartstrings, someone playing the most glorious tune on the harp, more beautifully than ever, but too fast for her to remember the chords.

A gulp of salt water fills her lungs, yet through breathless strokes she came closer to the light. She didn’t even know she could swim.

A goal.

She saw home;  a place she’d never been before; a place she’d never known before.

A hand reached out to her as the current pulled her under, and suddenly she could breathe again. Suddenly, her world brightened… all in the hands of a girl with a magical smile.

She could see the world in colour for the first time.


I can’t pinpoint exactly when I wrote this, but I know it was about falling in love. Part influenced by the fears society engrains in us about falling in love, part driven by my own feelings- crazy feelings I’d never felt before. It’s about the crazy happiness love drives you to seeping in to the cracks of a life typically not so wonderful and the new perspective it makes you see the world in.

I’m in love, and it’s amazing. It’s crazy and I can’t believe I’m even able to feel this way, lucky enough to be in love with the most phenomenal person, nor have the feelings reciprocated!

In my reach, you all said you wanted some poetry, and though it’s more poetic prose than poetry, it felt right posting this.

Especially whilst I am longing for my love and this takes me back to a journey through part of our relationship- the falling in love. I do get to see my darling tomorrow though, which I’m super excited about.

I hope you enjoyed this piece of writing and expect some more writing from me this blogtober!

Love always

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