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7 things I’m excited to cosy up and watch this autumn

So, it’s officially cosy season and typically, i’m more of a book reader and serial re-watcher… but there’s a few new TV shows/series I’m excited about, coming out this autumn. Don’t worry, if you’re more of a literature person yourself, i’ll still have my bookish posts going up this Blogtober, but here’s a change to go with it!

I haven’t seen any episodes of the new series of some of these, but based on previous series I am more than excited and can’t wait to be back in my mental happy space. And physical, to be honest. You probably know that I have a girlfriend who’s kinda damn amazing, and truly, she is my ‘safety and home’ (in the words of Mary Lambert) and automatically makes me feel super cosy. So, I’m super excited to introduce her to the ones she hasn’t seen, whilst she ensures I watch even a single episode of Steven Universe, her (other) love, as well as us sharing the comfort of watching old classic faves together.

So, here’s what’s going to make our autumn TV guide look faaabulous:

Note: I have ordered these chronologically, relevant to their respective release dates, rather than in any kind of ‘ranking’

  • THE CRY, BBC (30th Sept)
  • DOCTOR WHO, BBC (7th Oct)
  • UNHhhh, WOW PRESENTS (17th Oct)
  • THE BI LIFE, E4 (25th Oct)

A few of these shows have aired their first episodes, or maybe even more than that; Last night, The Cry hit episode three of the series whilst Doctor Who shared episode two (DISCLAIMER: At the time of writing I am yet to see these episodes). 

The Cry

The Cry is a BBC drama based on Helen Fitzgerald’s novel, following the breakdown of a marriage following the trauma of the loss of a child (the abduction of their baby). Though I’ve not read the book, as soon as I heard of this heavily psychology based drama, I was intrigued.

The thing that first sparked my interest was one of the actresses in the four-part series. Anyone who knows me will know that one of my idols has been the incredible Jenna Coleman for many, many years now.

Dancing Queen

I cannot wait to sit down and binge watch Dancing Queen, following what goes on in drag queen Alyssa Edward’s dance studio.

As a performer myself, as someone who was training to be a professional dancer, before disability changed the course of my life, I have always been attracted to dance programmes, whether they’re documentary based or set in a totally fictional world. Everything from Dance Moms to Dance Academy to Strictly Come Dancing has drawn me in, and what more could draw me in than a dance show featuring someone I adore?

A star is born

I’m generally not a huge cinema-goer and anyone who knows me can vouch for the fact I really do struggle to focus on films, but I adore a certain person in the film… I think we can guess who… It’s of course, Gaga. I don’t think I need to explain this any further…

Doctor who

I have always, always been obsessed with Doctor Who. Since the ‘New Who’ launch in 2005 it has been an extremely prominent part of my life, and has influenced it in the best of ways. I don’t think it’s possible to not be excited by Doctor Who, especially when we now have the extraordinary Jodie Whittaker playing the role of the iconic Time Lord.


UNHhhh is a webseries (you can likely find it on youtube), shared by WOWPresents (you may recognise them from their affiliation with drag queens). As far as we’re aware, the series unfortunately won’t be shared with members who are not premium, which breaks my heart, but i’m waiting this one out, to see….

UNHhhh is a series brought to you by your favourite iconic duo, Trixie Mattel and Yekaterina Petrovna Zamolodchikova, and as well as being completely obsessed by the duo, one of my favourite ever drag queens is Katya, so if she’s just there, living, i’d watch it…


Daredevil is back for a third series! No spoilers, but if you haven’t seen the first series, go and watch it! I love marvel, so that’s my main reason for getting into the show.

The bi life

Channel 4 has an exciting new dating show for LGBT+ folk coming out; I’m not a massive fan of reality shows, however, the bisexual representation is something I live for, especially, in a society that is somehow simultaneously accepting yet heteronormative. The show is also presented by Courtney Act, one of my favourite humans to exist, so that also- alongside the queer representation we’re blessed with- heavily influenced me into wanting to watch this.

So, there we have a list of what I want to snuggle up and watch this autumn.

Unfortunately, it may take me longer to literally keep caught up with all of these due to the heap of college work I have and will be dedicating my time to, but I will get there.. i’ll get to a point I’m up to date.

I hope this gives you some inspiration on what to watch this autumn.

Love always,

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