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November in Pictures.

I’ve been wanting and meaning to throw myself back into this blog for a while now, but life got on top of me a little, so I’m throwing myself back in with a bit of a soft post: November in Pictures. I’m going select a picture from every day in November that represents that day (and maybe talk about some a little).

November highlights

2nd: My girlfriend and I cosplayed as Heather Mac and Veronica whilst going to see the show Heathers on the West End.

3rd: I was lucky enough to spend the 3rd of November, my 20th birthday with my beautiful girlfriend and her amazing family. As pictured, we went out for a lunch in Henley-upon-Thames and her lovely sister got me some vegan fudge, which was presented to me with some coulis after dinner.

19th: I was lucky enough to go to the Klub Kids UK Winner’s tour with meet and greet tickets for Aquaria, Mayhem Miller and Eureka (the latter queen I chose not to meet out of principal).

24th: A special date for Becca and I. For the second month in a row, we’ve spent it in Birmingham to celebrate the day.

28th: ABCD tour London! I had meet and greet tickets to go and see Adore Delano, Bianca Del Rio, Courtney Act and Darienne Lake (RuPaul’s drag race season six top four) at the O2 Forum Kentish Town. The show was phenomenal and I got to meet Adore Delano, my favourite human ever, again, as well as meeting the other amazing queens and getting to see them perform.

I’d say all in all, November has been a glorious month- maybe a little stress filled in some places, but a month filled with joy and happiness for the most part.

I know soon enough i’ll be posting some more fulfilling content again, so bear with me; I’m still adapting to me new life, but getting there. I’m so happy to be back and writing again.

Love always,

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