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My 2018 favourites I’m carrying into the New Year

Over the years I’ve done a few favourites posts, subject specific and mixed. They seem to have, each time, gone down a treat, so since the end of 2018 has brought me a tonne of new things, and at that, things I love, I wanted to share the things I’m happily bringing into 2019 with me.

Being In Love

You’ve not heard the end of this. 2018 was the year I fell in love. 2018 was the year I met the love of my life and soon, everything changed. We both feel emotions intensely and are so ‘on the same wavelength’ it’s crazy, but everything is right. Meeting Becca had my life fall into place, it has me feeling euphoria, knowing I finally want to live and that I was in fact holding out for something, something beautiful. 2019 will be the first full year we have together, and the first of many, that is. I am so lucky to have met her, and falling in love was the best and easiest thing i’ve ever done all at once.

Bullet Journals

For multiple years behind us, I’ve taken up the art of bullet journaling and dropped it on many occasions. The later part of 2018 in particular saw me pick it up (with very little mojo and artistic quality) and follow through with dropping it. Each time I’d halfheartedly begin with a scrappy book and questionable pens. This did kind of make me sad, somewhat, as a result of knowing how much I loved it when I felt able to continue.

Then, for Christmas, my girlfriend’s lovely sister got me some mildliners (thank you Amazon Wishlist) and a dotted bound notebook by a company called Ottergami. Now, Ottergami is a brand I’d never heard of before, but now am totally in love with and want to share with everyone. The book I received was a blue vegan leather style pad with a cute little imprint of an Otter on the front. In the back, there was also an envelope with both stencils and stickers- how cool is that?!


When I talk about drag in my life, I mean it on two levels; I love drag shows and queens, but I also have great fun doing drag myself. It’s a great way I feel I can express myself through make-up and performance. Chronic illness, college, and work means my dedication to drag is second rate but i’m getting somewhere and if you want to join my adventures with queer expression I do share looks over on the instagram account solely for my drag persona. I also share my drag adventures on my personal/main instagram. The next one’s Kameron Michaels’ Cardiff show (and M&G)!.


In September, I returned to college and began to study an Access to HE Humanities course with the aim of getting into uni for the 2019 intake. The course is made up of three main subjects and some others courses and classes on the side. The three main subjects I take include two I’m certainly familiar with (English Literature and History), but I was introduced to a new subject as a part of the course, and one I love at that; Philosophy. I find the course fascinating and it’s made me consider if I want to follow it further (alongside, of course, English), whether that’s at uni or as a hobby. Philosophical readings will not be disappearing from my life any time soon, though.

Steven Universe.

Since I met Becca, I’ve been planning to watch Steven Universe. I didn’t know of it in the slightest until then, but since have never heard a bad word about it. Becca informed me of the many topics mentioned on the show- which may I remind you, is a  kid’s show- and I think it’s amazing. So, I started watching the show and… I’m hooked. It’s taken a few days to almost finish the first season and I love it. The stories, characters and graphics drew me in. It also took me only moments to want to cosplay the characters.

I also want to throw out a mention to the show’s creator, Rebecca Sugar. They really are wonderful for the themes included in the show, but also because of who they are and their social media presence. I was informed of them as they identify as a non-binary woman (she/they) as I do and it’s so nice to have someone else to look up to and feel validated by.


You’ve probably seen this on one of my many social media accounts but I got my first tattoo in 2018… and my fifth. In a week’s time, i’m actually getting my next tattoo. I want to take a moment to thank the lovely artists at Anvil for making me feel so at ease about getting my tattoos, first time and the next, and for doing such an amazing job, too. I’m absolutely in love with them, and getting tattoos doesn’t end in 2018. I’m excited to ink up the rest of my body!

So, I guess that covers a few things about 2018 I’m taking into the future with me. The year has been one of the highest highs and lowest lows, but I made it through and can’t wait to see the next.

NB: I’m so sorry about my absence. I’ve been exhausted and other aspects of my life such as college have been the priority, but I’m getting back to this blogging thing. I am not gonna start the year and set days for posting or a strict routine, but post when I can- so if you’re waiting for a post to go live, just keep an eye on my social media.

Love always,



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