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She Keeps Me Warm: A playlist for snow days

It’s snowing down here in Hampshire today, and it’s snowing pretty heavily, too. I made it into work this morning but was lucky to catch my train home (thank you Lush gods for letting me leave early as a precaution!). I also absolutely fought through a blizzard and trekked home on the white carpet left for me alone on the half hour walk. Admittedly, it took me longer to get home today because if snow isn’t a death trap for disabled person, I don’t know what is! (Actually, I do- the government. That’s the death trap we’re fated to, depressingly)

I realised this morning that as much as I like my current alternating playlists – some with no more than 5 songs on, and others teaching the hundreds- I didn’t have one for the mood.

I wanted to feel safe and warm, but not isolated, so I created a playlist of my snow song staples, so I feel cosy but don’t get bogged down that I’m snowed in alone rather than with my girlfriend.

This combines aspects of multiple playlists, styles, and still lends itself to feeling a comforting hug as I feel the sentiment of my girlfriend’s presence from 135 miles away. It’s also a damn good playlist, so I couldn’t resist sharing it with you all.

I’ve also created an extended version of the playlist which can be found on my Spotify account.

Snow Days 1.0

She Keeps Me Warm – Mary Lambert

This one definitely goes out to my girlfriend. It truly is a song of meaning and warmth – as the name suggests. And really? She does keep me warm. I naturally wish my hot chocolate drinking right now is with my sweetheart, but it’s not long until we’re back together again, and is sure worth the wait.

I also adore Mary Lambert’s voice- she’s so talented and the songs she produces are glorious.

My beautiful girlfriend and I at Miz Cracker’s show in Edinburgh.

Symphony – Clean Bandit Ft. Zara Larsson

In Miz Cracker’s show ‘It’s Time’, she references that after all of the things she’s been through, something pulled her in and let her life begin again, let her live again. The number she performs about this (in which she references drag) is to the song ‘Symphony’ by Clean Bandit and Zara Larsson. Upon properly listening to the song and seeing this number, me and Becca realised how much this related to both our individual lives and our lives with one another. This has been my song-on-repeat for the past two weeks now, two whole weeks, and gives me nothing but comfort.

Butterflies – Lucy Spraggan

I’ve always loved Lucy Spraggan’s music but never heard all of her songs before, but last week I wanted to delve further into queer artists’ music and found this tune. Once more, this is an ode to love, and specifically my girlfriend. The song makes me feel the things I do when I’m with her, just from thinking about her. I’m also super excited to be seeing her with Becca, on tour with Melissa Etheridge in just a few weeks!

Lucky – Jason Mraz, Colbie Caillat

You may have noticed a theme with the first few songs, and this remains- but I want to point out one specific lyric that had me crying on the phone to my sweetheart the other night:

‘Lucky I’m in love with my best friend

That says it all. Also I have a love for both artists, so it’s a win/win.

We’ll Be The Stars – Sabrina Carpenter

I may have said I wanted a playlist not too soppy and you may be wondering why half are explicitly about love… I guess this is my definition of not too soppy.

I first discovered Sabrina through Disney channel- my sister’s Disney generation included shows such as Girl Meets World, and I typically didn’t have any attraction to those more modern shows, but I soon discovered certain actresses and got hooked to the show as a result. This is where I discovered Sabrina, and soon enough I fell for her music.

I honestly love astrology so any song with a link sure has me hooked- plus, back to love, when we’re apart I go out and find her zodiac sign’s constellation, so I feel it’s relevant.

Another astrological relevance it holds is:

Monster – Dodie

Dodie released her newest album ‘human’ recently and I love every track on it (especially ‘She’), but Monster is the song I’ve found myself listening to on repeat (I blame Becca for doing the same when we were in Scotland…).

If Looks Could Kill – Lauren Aquilina

Lauren Aquilina is fierce. I first discovered her when I was about 13 through my good friend Alice, and have since followed her career and even was lucky enough to meet her back in 2015. This song is just a bop. It’s so strong and honestly, the power.

Here Comes A Thought- Steven Universe

Sooo, I’ve recently become obsessed with Steven Universe. Becca has been a fan for a long time and we’ve spent a fair majority of January watching episodes together and video calling. I recently reached the episode in which Garnet (Estelle) sings to Connie, and later with Stevonnie, and remember the song from Becca sending it to me when I was sad over 6 months ago now. The song was written by Rebecca Sugar for the show and it’s such a tune. It keeps me calm and rational, reminds me that I’m human and things will be okay, as well as being upbeat and friendly.

I truly adore this cuddle in song form.

The Sun Will Come Up, The Seasons Will Change – Nina Nesbitt

Yesterday, Nina Nesbitt released her new album The Sun Will Come Up, The Seasons Will Change, and I adore it – it’s an anthem for anyone who feels lost right now, who feels stuck- one that helps us find our path. It reminds me of the ups and downs without making me cry, it reminds me of the future I have to live, it reminds me of the joy in my life now and forever. It’s such a good song musically and the lyrics mean a lot.

Princess Cut- Adore Delano

We all know how much I love Adore Delano, and I truly can’t wait to see her for a fourth time in April. Princess cut is one of my favourite songs on the album Whatever, and stereotypically one I just put my headphones on and listen to on full blast. The whole album is amazing and I would recommend every song but right now, Princess Cut is sure my fave.

BONUS: I’ve also decided to include a little bonus track or honourable mention. This one is ‘Change Your Mind’ from Steven Universe, and I’ve actually just uploaded a cover of this short song.

I hope these tunes can give you all the same wondrous vibes as they do me.

Love always,

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