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Tattoo talks: it’s been a year!

Today is the first birthday of my first three children…. by which I mean tattoos. A year ago today, I got my first tattoo, and my second, and third. Yes, I got three all at once.

I shared these beauties with you all this time last year, but having gained four more, I wanted to do a little tattoo roundup to share with you in appreciation.

Why are my tattoos so important?

Every one of my tattoos has a meaning- from the symbolism of being queer, to the commemoration of my late grandfather, I hold each to my heart, just as I will with all of them in the future (even if they have ‘less’ of a meaning).

Not only do my tattoos have symbolism and mean a lot to me, but they have done wonders for me and my confidence- confidence in my sexuality, confidence in my body, and the general feeling of making me feel more eccentric.

My tattoos are just a vital part of who I am and mean a lot to me. .

As much as I hoped this would be the case, I never expected to this extent

My tattoos

-Primrose- Grandad (09/03/18)

Bee kind (09/03/18)

Pink triangle/Rainbow (09/03/18) and Butterfly (25/07/18)

Lovatic heart and semi-colon (25/07/18)

Sunflower/rebirth (19/01/19)

  • Where did I go to get these?

All of my tattoos were designed by, and done at the same studio in Rutherglen, Glasgow (Scotland), a lovely little place called Anvil!

I had my first three done by Steff, who owns the studio, and the others by Kaitlin. I adore both of their art styles and hope to have my body covered in their works, collectively, some day.

They can be specifically found on social media here:

Anvil’s Facebook Anvil’s InstagramSteff’s InstagramKaitlin’s Instagram


I’m in love with every piece of art on my body and hope to get loads more. I hope you love these too, but even if you don’t, in the kindest way, this is my body and my love of them is what matters.

Love always,


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