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A piece of my April

The first week of April came to an end a few days ago, and there’s a few things I want to talk about – things that I love.

This first week has featured greatness from some of my favourite people, Adore Delano and Sara Bareilles.

april adore sara

We’ll go chronologically, starting with one of my favourite drag queens and queer icons,

Adore Delano.

img_2173I’ve loved them for a while now, and have been lucky enough to meet them on several occasions, as well as see them perform live. Each show has been vastly different, even within the past year, showcasing Amy Winehouse covers to ‘Till Death Do Us Party era songs and performances, to sets from the ‘Whatever’ album. Each one, however, truly has been amazing. Though I’ve seen her a few times, 2019 held what she promotes as her first one-woman show.  This one woman show was called ‘A Pizza Me’ and the tour started on 31st March. Luckily enough, I was able to grab a few tickets to the Nottingham show on April 1st, so my month was kicked off with covered in glitter and tears from hearing some of my favourite tunes. I was lucky enough to go with my beautiful girlfriend, and attend the show in dragimg_1880 img_1907myself. We met Adore and Victoria Secret, who we’ve we’ve seen a few times now and absolutely adore (no pun intended).


Adore’s tour was something… unexpected. A Pizza Me’s fun slogan and promo played to her upbeat persona, so many expected this to drive the tour, but I think the aesthetic of the stage said it all, and our presumptions were crushed.

A stage full of candles and sunflowers.

This setup was true to the content of the show. Adore took us all through a personal story of her own life experiences, centred around the way she felt and things she did from adolescence to adulthood. This helped to guide the setlist, her years in LA sparking My Address Is Hollywood and the fanbase support raising ‘I Adore U’. The shoe also featured covers, and honestly I was living for the Amy Winehouse cover that came our way.

I’ve seen a few of Adore’s shows now and truly, this one made me more emotional than I could have imagined it would.

The show’s original dates sold out almost immediately, but there have since been a very limited amount of seats added, so though it may be a tight squeeze, I would highly recommend seeing this show before the end of the tour.

For more info, visit Holy T’s eventbrite page.


Sara Bareilles.

I’ve been on the edge of my seat since 2013 waiting for new music from Sara. 2015 blessed us with the Waitress soundtrack and Sara’s own ‘What’s Inside’ album that came with it, but i’m still impatient and sought out new music from her at every opportunity, so I sure went mad when ‘Armor’ dropped before her album planned to release singles – I guess for that we have to thank this messed up world?

My excitement always does come with the knowledge that my favourite album ever is The Blessed Unrest (2013). Nothing beats my love for it, and it’s been my go to album for a loooong while. Having said this, she still manages to top herself every time.

I was counting down the days to April 5th, and they finally came, with the release of Amidst The Chaos, her new album. Amidst The Chaos features – tunes, titled:

  1. Fireimg_2039
  2. No Such Thing
  3. Armor
  4. If I Can’t Have You
  5. Eyes On You
  6. Miss Simone
  7. Wicked Love
  8. Orpheus
  9. Poetry By Dead Men
  10. Someone Who Loves Me
  11. Saint Honesty
  12. A Safe Place To Land (feat. John Legend)

We had three releases before the album dropped, those being ‘Armor’ as I mentioned before, ‘Fire’ and ‘Saint Honesty’, and they were all to be loved for different reasons, alike all the tracks on the album.

On the album, you have some classic love songs (no pun intended), as well as much more philosophical tunes and those clearly edged with feminist theory. I find these have given me a huge boost and are going to be songs I hold onto in the times that may be darker. She holds herself out as someone who cares, who is there, and who reminds you that there is someone close to you who loves you. She also really does communicate that it’s okay not to feel okay, it’s okay when you can’t do anything, and to take things at your own pace.

One thing to note is how beautifully poetic her words are. Every word she uses holds a high level of intellectualism (here, I am not saying those that don’t use such words are not poetic in any way just that Sara happens to fall into both categories and I would argue it personally aids her case), and they are strung perfectly together.

I’d have to say my personal favourite song is ‘Orpheus’ (the song in which the album title is from), but when they’re all so beautiful it’s hard to rank them at all.

I am forever in love with every word Sara Bareilles writes and she certainly did not disappoint with Amidst The Chaos. I urge you to give the album a listen to and really soak in every part of the music. It carries a very chilled vibe so I’d say is also an easy listen.

So, jump onto Spotify and keep this beautiful art streaming. You can find Amidst The Chaos here.

So, here are my April loves so far. If you can get some tickets to see Adore’s wonderful show, I rate it highly, as do I suggest having this album by Sara on repeat through your headphones.

I hope you’re enjoying April and I hope you enjoy these little releases as much as I do.

Love always,



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