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July’s bujo story.

In my recent post Things I’d Like To Achieve This August, I cited that I’d like to improve on my bujo by sticking to a set of goals which I’ve created for this project. These goals mostly centre around aesthetics, and though my bujo has been a work in progress over the course of a few years (on and off in line with health and motivation), I think I’ve finally found a style I like… more permanently. I liked the style I did earlier this year, though not perfect, quite a lot… but I grew out of it. Natural, right? Yes, but the development I made in July alone, I’d say, has changed my journal for the better.

One thing that improved my bujo this year was my use of brush pens, but even those didn’t make it as clear cut as my newest style – but they certainly made a big difference generally, and to get me here.

I’m going to start off by sharing my monthly spread for July in comparison to the August double spread:

The calendar I drew into my July spread took thicker coloured lines to match the theme page, but this makes it a lot more ‘bulky’ and I wanted something a little more minimalistic – like thin (thank you, gel pens) black lines, no matter the rest of the theme. I also, though using very similar dimensions, turned the 3 and 4 boxes into a 2 and 5 spread, which I’ve found I much prefer; it’s still more than enough space and gives me more creativity to play with along the side. I’m also pretty happy with my new mode of lettering.

Now, I’m going to share with you my latter-July spreads. I say latter as I did start July with my old theme; this meant I copied some pages over to the new style spread, but I did leave the ones I’d already passed when I did this.

The first spread of my newer style.
A spread from visiting my grandmother in Scotland, to look after her, and also celebrating a significant date with my partner.
Pink (lesbian flag)/SU Garnet theme.
A basic linear structure for the last week of July.

So, there we are! I’ve had this saved in my drafts for a while, and even have my August spreads ready to share soon too, but I’m sharing july first (finally) as I did a poll on the content you guys wanted next (on instagram) last night, and this gained joint first place with a health update. Ironically, I haven’t been well at all today so have been unable to move from my bed, never mind write a blog post, but I promise you that’s coming soon.

I also just wanted to add a little disclaimer that my style is primarily inspired by Instagram’s Bujo With Beth who also runs the blog A Lovely Cup Of Life.

I hope you enjoyed July’s bujo spreads, and I promise August’s edition and a health update are both coming soon.

Love Always,


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