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Things I’m looking forward to

I have a lot of exciting things ahead of me, and I wanted to share them in this post! I remember doing one of these years ago and it was lovely and super fun, so why not bring it back? Let’s get hyped.


There’s only a few days left of August, but I still have things to look forward to – and that makes me one lucky non-binary woman.

First of all, tomorrow, my incredible girlfriend comes back from holiday. I won’t get to see her until the weekend but I’m incredibly excited to swoop her up in a hug and never let her go.

Amelie The Musical, New Victoria Theatre, Woking

Everyone who knows me knows I’m a musical theatre geek, and you’ll probably also know one of my favourite musicals is Amelie! This love came from a few places, with Amelie being one of the few films I enjoy (I’m really not a film person; I can’t concentrate well), as well as being excited by Phillipa Soo being announced as part of the original Broadway cast.

Photograph: 2017, at Cafe Des Deux Moulins

After years of adoring the musical and many Paris visits to Café des Deux Moulins, I can’t believe I finally get to see the musical I love live!

Reading Pride

The first pride I ever attended with my partner, Becca, was Reading Pride in 2018. This was an incredible day, and was topped off by the sentimentality of it being the first time I met her family! I can’t wait for our second Reading Pride of many; I’ve been looking forward to this day for a long time.

I also discovered that PSL season started today! Pumpkin spice is my weakness, so i’ll always get excited about the matter. I don’t know if this release is a week-early-for-gold-members date, or if it’s for all (I couldn’t see it on the menu at all, but got one this morning still). If you’re vegan or looking to release your dairy intake at all, you should check out my post on the best plant milks to have in your PSL.


Our summer time left together

It’s not long ’til I head off to be a fresher and Becca returns to her own university as a third year student, and we’ll be back to an LDR again. We’re lucky, as the distance could be bigger and longer to travel, but still, it’s distance. This will be our second year doing distance, the whole of last year post-summer being so, too, but we’ve got it all sussed – we’ve got a tonne of things to enjoy together, even over the phone, and in the times we are lucky enough to be with one another. But, of course, her company is the best thing in the world, so these next three weeks are going to be filled with making the most of being side by side, and I’m excited for all the dates we’re going to go on.

Moving in day.

On the weekend of the 21st/22nd September, I’ll be moving into my new living quarters… my university halls! Now, I’m lucky enough to be living in not just any halls, but RHUL’s finest building, Founders, and have a large accessible room. I’m super excited to live in what is basically a castle, and get the full experience of the uni – and so grateful it’s now accessible!

Freshers’ Welcome Week

Welcome week starts on 23rd September and I’m super excited to get involved with the activities, especially such as the plant sale and LGBT+ coffee morning. Royal Holloway sure have done a good job in ensuring there’s as many alcohol-free (daytime and night) events as possible for this week and so it seems the term following, as they have with accessibility.

Sisters of Drag – Freshers

A few months ago I made a joke on twitter about skipping Freshers’ to go to the Klub Kids Sisters tour, with Shuga Cain, Scarlet Envy and Mercedes Iman Diamond. I adore these queens, and I always thought freshers’ wouldn’t be my bag due to the alcohol and exhausting party culture us chronically ill folk can’t always keep up with. I occasionally like to go out with purpose, so I usually save those spoons for drag shows, as I know i’ll enjoy them (in contrast to random partying which makes me anxious).

Anyway, after that joke on twitter, I was waiting for our uni freshers’ line up to be revealed to plan the week, and hopefully squeeze in the London show of the tour when… on results day I opened the RHUL line up and saw their faces… and freaked out. It soon dawned on me that they were coming to the uni for an exclusive freshers show. I have to say, i’ve never been more gagged and I’m so excited! It’s much easier for my exhausted self in terms of spoons, accessibility and finances.



It’s now less than 2 months until i’m back in my favourite city! We travel there at the end of October and come back early November, and I’m SO lucky, because I’m taking my beautiful girlfriend with me! I’m so excited to prance around the city of love with my soulmate and show her all my favourite spots (and show those spots their favourite lesbian couple).

I can’t wait to return to this beauty spot and add a lock of our own


My 21st Birthday – At DISNEY.

As part of the Paris trip, as ever i’m visiting Disneyland! Disneyland true is the most magical place and it never fails to light me up – so where better a place to spend my 21st birthday? I’ll be turning 21 on the day we’re there, so it will be extra special, especially because I get to take my girlfriend there for the first time.



Photograph: 2018, at DLP.

Dear Evan Hansen

Becca was lucky enough to be bought tickets for the show ‘Dear Evan Hansen’ for her birthday, and we were going to get opening night tickets, but it clashed with our Paris trip; still, we’re going to see one of the first shows and i’m incredibly lucky to be going with her.


I mean, who doesn’t love winter? I’m not quite sure on any december specifics yet, but i’m excited to spend my second christmas with my girl and for us both to be home for the holidays.

I’m so lucky to have so many amazing things ahead of me, and you’ll sure be hearing about them more as we get closer and pass the events!

Until then, I hope you all have lovely things coming for you, and I’d love to hear them, so drop me a comment or message on any of my social media sites.

Love always,

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