Review: ‘Reader, I Married Me’ by Sophie Tanner.

DISCLAIMER: I was gifted this book by the author in exchange for an Amazon review, but have made the decision to also post the review on my blog, though this was not a contractual requirement, as I enjoyed the novel.

Reader, I Married Me!

“A feel-good read for anyone in need of a boost!”

Sophie Tanner’s ‘Reader, I Married Me’ is a story that differs from a large market of books in the current atmosphere, and I’ve quite frankly not read anything else like it. In this novel, Chloe is her own hero.

Fed up of men, Chloe realises she needs to be the hero of her own story, and drunkenly declares she’s going to marry herself. Whether you’d call her sticking to her plan of following sologamy a sense of stubbornness or wise, there’s no denying how empowering following this was for her. It reminds us of the trust we can find in ourselves, even when let down by others, and how to celebrate that.

What is sologamy?

Sologamy is the act of one marrying themselves. Though not legally binding, many across the world still hold ceremonies alike the marriage of two people to express their dedication to the matter and themselves.

The novel

The novel takes place in Brighton, upon the South East coast of the UK, and I think this is the perfect setting for a novel in which the main character finds serenity in herself and explores her sexuality. Brighton is such a colourful, accepting place, so it’s fitting for what many would see as a very bold move take place here. It also ensures I feel at ease, being in a quaint seaside setting.

Tanner’s writing is extremely engaging, and I find though it’s informal enough to be a light read, and endear readers with the chatty tone, you can still take the matter very seriously – as is important when you’re facing a new, out of the ordinary theme.

I find the storyline of Reader, I married me very empowering, which is incredibly important for people like us as we’re hypercritiqued by society and taught not to love ourselves. This book falls in perfectly with rising feminist movements, notably body positivity (even if the story isn’t centred around the movement itself- the messages are on the same level.

I would overall give this book a 5* rating as it was a fun, new story, and introduced me to new themes! It also made me feel a part of the celebrations, which is heartwarming, especially when you’ve never been to a wedding yourself before!

I hope you enjoyed this review, and the book even more so. You can get your own copy here, as well as following Sophie Tanner’s own social media channels!

I’ve also just set up a Good Reads page, and though am yet to post on it, I will be soon so, I’d like to give it a plug: check out my goodreads account here.

Love always,

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