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Feeling Body Confident in Julie May (GIFTED)

I was recently gifted some lovely products and have been using these now for about a month. They’ve honestly both made me feel like an absolute queen when it comes to caring for myself, my body, and my skin.

As you may know body image is a huge issue for me, and I preach body positivity, but I never thought that 20 year old me would be collaborating with a lingerie company and sharing both my thoughts and some more personal images online (they aren’t NSFW, but are posed pictures in lingerie).

The company who I was very happily approached by was Julie-May, and though I’ve had no experience with their products in the past, a browse of the website and quick size check found me with a strong wish to own everything they sold. I also want to point out that they have a big range of sizes! I was worried that my 40GGG/H and size 16 body type would not be compatible – as this is the case with many retailers – but I found they did cater for a size that would fit me and that further excited me.

deb4fa89-d3eb-4c82-91b1-2ec740225f54The items that I was gifted were from the ‘Serenity‘ collection, and they very kindly sent me both the bodysuit and the bralette and pants set.

The first thing I noticed when wearing the items was the material they are made from; this material is hypoallergenic, with breathable silk and Pima cotton being the key components. As someone who suffers from hypersensitivity from fibromyalgia, I found this to be a perfect solution. It’s also notable that these included no wording, and though I do on some days need bras with under wires due to having rather large- and subsequently heavy – boobs, they can sure cause some discomfort so it’s nice to have found a bralette of a good quality, that’s also comfortable and supportive enough.

The designs of the items were also something that blew me away. They both feature a baby blue (meets a hint of mauve, maybe) design with floral lace detailing and added grey cotton lace to define the features, such as above the pant line as addition, and under the bralette itself. On the design, I love how it held me. The bralette and pants set was beautifully comfy and well supportive as well as great on the decor side, but I also very much felt confident in myself when I looked in the mirror.

The collection is beyond wonderful and most certainly a long-wear set, so though on the pricier side, worth the money it’s being sold for. I’m so grateful I had the chance to try these products and could not thank the company more.

I hope you get the chance to check out the collection and proceed to buying yourself,


Love always,


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