About this blog.


This blog is a (very personally) tailored lifestyle blog. I’m here to spread my true colours as sapphic non-binary woman, talk about ethics and my experiences with chronic illness and fight for intersectional rights. I am a humanities student and also work as a barista now. I always will have a passion for theatre and literature. I cannot wait to post a mix of endless talks about veganism, to hospital trips and back to lipsticks and theatre reviews!


Stories Can Make Us Fly is a lifestyle blog focused on a range of different things from ethical beauty and veganism to worldwide and national travel. Of course, as the name may give away, it’s a literature blog, too. I also hold a high focus on LGBT and disabled issues (as a queer spoonie author), and mental health.

I want to use this platform to raise awareness of everything beautiful and the many not-so-wonderful things in this world, but also to inform you of my wonderful finds and let you share my adventures!



This blog is really just a personal blog that I think would be nice to write. I’m planning to update anyone kind enough to read it on my personal adventures, recommendations, positivity and well, I guess, whatever I feel like posting! I am only just starting out with this blogging thing, so not quite used to it yet, but I hope you enjoy reading and I become much better at posting things in the future.

Also, I frequently use Instagram, twitter and Pinterest to share content not dissimilar. Head over to my social media page to check out what I’m sharing and if you like it, give me a follow’

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