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Merry Christmas! Traditions and my day (the end of Blogmas 2016)

Hello to you all again, and a Merry Christmas! I hope yesterday was joyous for you, whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukah or any other festival at this time of year. I once more apologise for my lack of consistency when it comes to blogmas. The end of term has been hectic and Christmas has been… Continue reading Merry Christmas! Traditions and my day (the end of Blogmas 2016)

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Christmas with Chronic illness(es).

I'm going to start off by saying, no, this is not going to be me complaining, nor am I claiming to be hard done by, but on behalf of both myself and my dear friends who suffer with chronic illnesses, I feel obliged to write this post. I don't have it hard, but I don't… Continue reading Christmas with Chronic illness(es).

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Blogmas: Day 16. Christmas Wishes.

In all honesty, I meant to post this two days ago. Of course you know that, because blogmas is a daily and I haven't posted since day 13. Oops? I do apologise, but i've had a lot of school work to do. The prompt for a few days ago 'what are you asking Santa for?',… Continue reading Blogmas: Day 16. Christmas Wishes.

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Blogmas: Day 13. Puns and cartoons. 

Hello all!!! I hope you're enjoying my Blogmas posts so far. I'm really enjoying writing them (or in yesterday's case, videoing them! How did you find that?) Anyway, I'm sorry this is up so late today, but I'm currently in the hospital, a little spaced out from painkillers, and trying to kill time. I desperately… Continue reading Blogmas: Day 13. Puns and cartoons. 

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I’m doing Blogmas! 9 days late…

Considering i'm not keeping on top of posting, I thought 'Blogmas 2016' would get me into the blogging festive spirit! I realise that, yes, we are nine days into December, and, yes, that means I am nine days too late, but guess what? I'm catching up with the first few days in this post!!! This challenge is… Continue reading I’m doing Blogmas! 9 days late…

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Work festivities

Part one: Written in OCTOBER. 6pm on Friday night, I was standing in the back room of my local 'Lush' store, sipping from my bottle of water. As the shop's shutters fell, I emerged into the shop floor. The same shop floor would, in only a matter of hours, be transformed. Over the summer, I… Continue reading Work festivities

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And whiskers on kittens.

Bright copper kettles and warm woollen mittens, Brown paper packages tied up with strings, These are a few of my favourite things. So, the second post in this series has come a lot sooner than I planned… which is funny since I posted the first back in June… Anyway! If you've read my last post, introducing… Continue reading And whiskers on kittens.

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A venture into the deep, dark land of the… Post Christmas sales.

What a dramatic title?! I feel like this is a slightly dramatic (more chaotic) story concluding yesterday's events! So, on the 28th December I decided to give into the urge to go home via the shops to have a browse, especially in the sales sections (which you likely would've seen live updates about if you… Continue reading A venture into the deep, dark land of the… Post Christmas sales.