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Who’s behind the screen?

So. When having a sort through my blog to make it more self-guidable (I've had my good old categories menu for a wee while now, but managed to de-grandma-ify myself for a moment and pull up my old pages as well, like the easily guided 'contents' tab...), I noticed something: I talk a lot about… Continue reading Who’s behind the screen?

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Overcome: How To Be Your Best Traveller (in the face of motion sickness)

It's no secret that I love to travel. Anytime, any place, anywhere... so long as it's accessible enough. Advanced planning (even in spontaneous situations) aids me with the travelling a lot but there's still one thing that I know will get me every time... Travel sickness. Travel sickness, in fact, has always been in my… Continue reading Overcome: How To Be Your Best Traveller (in the face of motion sickness)

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EYEWAKE hydrating eye serum- review.

I was sent this product as a complimentary item from EYEWAKE to try and review, but everything expressed represents my own views. As mentioned above, I was lucky enough to be contacted by Eyewake to review their 'Hydrating eye serum' What you should know.Eyewake serum is 100% cruelty free, vegan and natural. Finding new ethical… Continue reading EYEWAKE hydrating eye serum- review.

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glitter-room-tour: Katherine Ryan’s live comedy tour (REVIEW)

I have always been a fan of comedians, but I particularly fell into re-runs in my teen years. I remember, as a kid I would watch 'Mock The Week' over my dad's shoulder when I probably should have been in bed, or laugh at the jokes I could hear from my room, and I loved… Continue reading glitter-room-tour: Katherine Ryan’s live comedy tour (REVIEW)

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Cotton Bag Co- The Selfie Bag

Are you ready to take on the world? And by that, I mean take social media by storm? If your answer to either or both of those questions is yes, I might have a product suited for you... The Selfie Bag by The Cotton Bag Co Who are The Cotton Bag Co?The Cotton Bag Co… Continue reading Cotton Bag Co- The Selfie Bag

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To the future

Exciting times are ahead of us. Today something huge has changed on this blog I perceive as my pride and joy.... Here at Stories Can Make Us Fly, we are no longer a .wordpress site!!! Though I have kept my site on wordpress as I personally do love the layout and find it extremely easy… Continue reading To the future