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Glückwünsche Deutschland!

Liebe ist Liebe. Love is love. Yesterday, the courts of Germany made a very, very important choice: to legalise gay marriage. It's almost shocking to think it wasn't legal before- sometimes it's easy to forget that not long ago it wasn't legal in our own country. For over 3/4 of my life, LGBT marriage was… Continue reading Glückwünsche Deutschland!

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A vote for the Tories is a vote against people like me.

"A vote for the Tories is a vote against me"   My name is Lauren Bethany Curr. I am 18 years old. You probably won't know who I am (as I'm 'nobody', as such), and you probably won't care. But you will impact my life significantly. Your vote for the Tories is a vote against people… Continue reading A vote for the Tories is a vote against people like me.

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Blogmas: Day 16. Christmas Wishes.

In all honesty, I meant to post this two days ago. Of course you know that, because blogmas is a daily and I haven't posted since day 13. Oops? I do apologise, but i've had a lot of school work to do. The prompt for a few days ago 'what are you asking Santa for?',… Continue reading Blogmas: Day 16. Christmas Wishes.


EU: Misinterpretation and misplaced phrases.

A lot words seem to have been thrown about in the past 24 hours, of which many follow along the lines of 'we've left the EU' or commenting on how such a drastic change (being, actually leaving the European Union) happened overnight, on June 23rd. The issue with such statements as this are that they're not… Continue reading EU: Misinterpretation and misplaced phrases.


Vote, vote, VOTE. 

Today, the 23rd June 2016, is a day that will go down in history, whatever happens. If we choose to remain in the EU, this day and the era of hype around the topic prior to it is a thing that will be remembered. If we choose to leave, well, that's a big step.  I… Continue reading Vote, vote, VOTE.