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Blogmas: Day 16. Christmas Wishes.

In all honesty, I meant to post this two days ago. Of course you know that, because blogmas is a daily and I haven't posted since day 13. Oops? I do apologise, but i've had a lot of school work to do. The prompt for a few days ago 'what are you asking Santa for?',… Continue reading Blogmas: Day 16. Christmas Wishes.

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March For Europe and democracy.

First and foremost, I respect democracy. Despite my own political views, I have made it very clear for a long time that democracy is what I value most. I may not agree with what is democratically consented some of the time, but regardless, I would rather be living by policies with a strong mandate than… Continue reading March For Europe and democracy.


EU: Misinterpretation and misplaced phrases.

A lot words seem to have been thrown about in the past 24 hours, of which many follow along the lines of 'we've left the EU' or commenting on how such a drastic change (being, actually leaving the European Union) happened overnight, on June 23rd. The issue with such statements as this are that they're not… Continue reading EU: Misinterpretation and misplaced phrases.


Vote, vote, VOTE. 

Today, the 23rd June 2016, is a day that will go down in history, whatever happens. If we choose to remain in the EU, this day and the era of hype around the topic prior to it is a thing that will be remembered. If we choose to leave, well, that's a big step.  I… Continue reading Vote, vote, VOTE. 

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Pray for Orlando. 

No one, regardless of gender, sexuality, religion, race etc has the right to take another's life. Nor does anyone have the right to take someone's life DUE to these factors. This is not only an example of why the enforcement of gun laws etc ismore than necessary, but an example of how disgusting and full of… Continue reading Pray for Orlando.