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This post is dedicated to William Curr, a saint in life and death. Today is a very important day. For me, it's a family day. For others, a national. I'm sure everyone's having a good time with the royal wedding, and good on you if you are downing the champagne and snacking on cream cakes-… Continue reading 03/11

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This Winter: A solstice reflection.

If you know me, you know I am pretty spiritual. Over the years I have found myself relating to spirituality much, much more. My mum has always been spiritual. I remember as a child seeing her with tarot cards and some angels game, and a tonne of crystals I never really understood. As a teen,… Continue reading This Winter: A solstice reflection.

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Dragonfly omen. 

Not long ago, I visited Thorpe park with my family. I'm a lucky owner of a Merlin Premium annual pass, and therefore can essentially visit such attractions regularly (though, due to exams, I haven't taken advantage of it entirely), so it's a lot easier than it used to be. Aside, of course, the transport. If… Continue reading Dragonfly omen.