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My Pain Day (Dec week 1)

The guide On twitter, two things have been going around recently; first is the above guide for pain, and second the #MyPainDay diaries tag. Upon request, and being a spoonie blog apt for awareness, I have decided to contribute over here. This above guide is SO important. Many disabled and chronically ill folk play down… Continue reading My Pain Day (Dec week 1)

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Happy Moanaversary!

Hello, hello, hello and a huge welcome to blogmas day 2! Today's blogmas will be pretty film-centric since today is a very special day... Happy Moanaversary! That's right, it's been a whole whopping year since Moana was released in the UK and I feel pretty blessed that it exists. Pre-moana days I was a huge… Continue reading Happy Moanaversary!

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Happy Blogmas! Day 1 2017

Hello lovely readers and happy blogmas!!! If you aren't aware of what blogmas is, I'll be posting every day (yes, every single day) in December. I will also be getting involved with other bloggers' blogmas' so if you're doing blogmas, hop in the comments or send me a link over on your twitter and I'll… Continue reading Happy Blogmas! Day 1 2017

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Blogmas: Day 10. Lush Christmas!

There's something funny about this post; I'm sitting here writing it whilst I would usually be at work, working for Lush. If it wasn't for my EDS, that is (my hypermobile body hates me). I do wish I could be at work today, as I really do enjoy working for Lush and it has massively impacted… Continue reading Blogmas: Day 10. Lush Christmas!

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Blogmas: Day 11. Favourite festive film!

Favourite Christmas film... Hmm. This has reminded me that I have watched nativity way too few times this year! It's actually quite funny, right now i'm sitting listening to the Sweeny Todd soundtrack and thinking about whether it's acceptable to recommend that during this post... But no. I don't think it comes close to being… Continue reading Blogmas: Day 11. Favourite festive film!

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I’m doing Blogmas! 9 days late…

Considering i'm not keeping on top of posting, I thought 'Blogmas 2016' would get me into the blogging festive spirit! I realise that, yes, we are nine days into December, and, yes, that means I am nine days too late, but guess what? I'm catching up with the first few days in this post!!! This challenge is… Continue reading I’m doing Blogmas! 9 days late…