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Technicolour (Poetic prose by Lauren Curr)

In a world where all looks scare her, eyes meet. There's a flash of technicolour, standing out, in a world usually seen in black and white vision. Illuminated joy seeps through the waves of life; the salt usually blurs even the brightest of stars and crashes on the sandbanks too fast to even gasp for… Continue reading Technicolour (Poetic prose by Lauren Curr)

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The cosy chronicles

How do you stay cosy and keep your emotions warm when it's cold outside?   Whilst at work last week, I did my 'focus' on uplifting Christmas products and those with neroli (an ingredient proven to stimulate serotonin) and my good friend Hannah showered me with a fact I did not know and had never… Continue reading The cosy chronicles

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The self care game (an ode to poor mental health)

I'm not so sure that if the fire alarm in my block of flats had gone off at 11am this morning, I'd have ever got up. Even when the alarm bells rung (it was bloody loud and annoying, and not good for a PTSD sufferer negatively influenced by loud noises on the daily), it took… Continue reading The self care game (an ode to poor mental health)

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The Barrel- A poem for the end of February. 

The barrel looked stable, but really, it was empty. A hollow void lies beneath the strong walls. Can they really protect you? The barrel rolled around- no balance. Where's the stability? The rounded edges, so smooth looking, but splintered, cannot hold you up. But the barrel shrunk until you we're looking down it, into it.… Continue reading The Barrel- A poem for the end of February.