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Things I’m looking forward to

I have a lot of exciting things ahead of me, and I wanted to share them in this post! I remember doing one of these years ago and it was lovely and super fun, so why not bring it back? Let's get hyped. August There's only a few days left of August, but I still… Continue reading Things I’m looking forward to


Late October confidence: the Halloween debuts

Over the past few days, I've used Halloween almost as an excuse to channel my artistic impulses. Starting off slowly with make up, the next day being in full cosplay, a much more low-key cosplay a day later and continuing with make up thereafter. As today is Halloween, I have decided to share these looks… Continue reading Late October confidence: the Halloween debuts

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The cosy chronicles

How do you stay cosy and keep your emotions warm when it's cold outside?   Whilst at work last week, I did my 'focus' on uplifting Christmas products and those with neroli (an ingredient proven to stimulate serotonin) and my good friend Hannah showered me with a fact I did not know and had never… Continue reading The cosy chronicles

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Myself and one of my best friends have had a similar mindset, in every situation for the past two years: I DON'T CARE, WHEN CAN I WATCH MOANA?!? Of course, when Moana finally came out, we went to the first screening we could, on the release date. In the UK, that was 2nd December, or… Continue reading Moana (SPOILER-FREE POST)