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Vegan treats on the high street: Greggs’ Belgian Buns

It was only a matter of weeks ago that, courtesy of my close friend Claire, who blogs over at Rainbows And Thunderstorms, I discovered a glorious fact... Greggs' Belgian Buns are vegan. Being a southerner, our primary high street bakery source is Greggs', the only other real option for sweet treats being independent bakeries and if… Continue reading Vegan treats on the high street: Greggs’ Belgian Buns

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Intuitive Eating – a response to Toxic Influences

A response to Kim Kardashian's toxic behaviour, in which I promote self love and the instinct of intuitive eating.

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Iceland are giving us No Bull: An alternative you’ll love

Iceland are giving us No Bull when it comes to meat-free alternatives... whether you're a meat eater and looking to reduce your consumption, or a fully fledged vegan, I promise you, these burgers are something you'll want to try. My dad bought me a pack of 'No Bull' burgers at the beginning of the week,… Continue reading Iceland are giving us No Bull: An alternative you’ll love

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Vegan treats review.

Have your self a very treat-ful christmas... Let the Yule.... log be eaten.... apart from the fact it's probably not vegan so I'll just watch people eat the cake.. Anyway.Hello and welcome to the wonderful world of Stories Can Make Us Fly. Today is day 9 of blogmas and I'm feeling pretty good! That probably… Continue reading Vegan treats review.

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Happy Blogmas! Day 1 2017

Hello lovely readers and happy blogmas!!! If you aren't aware of what blogmas is, I'll be posting every day (yes, every single day) in December. I will also be getting involved with other bloggers' blogmas' so if you're doing blogmas, hop in the comments or send me a link over on your twitter and I'll… Continue reading Happy Blogmas! Day 1 2017