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A pawprint shaped hole in my heart

Today, a hole has been left in my heart. No, this is not in reference to my recent visits to hospital regarding my heart, but in reference to the loss of someone very important to me; my beautiful little cousin. Now, when I say cousin I fear you'll expect my dear cousin to be a… Continue reading A pawprint shaped hole in my heart

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Little things, big hearts.

Warning: This post contains mentions of real emotions. REAL EMOTIONS. Beware. Hello lovely humans! So, I've got to say, this week really has not been the best. Heck, it seems like it's been the worst. Just one bad thing after another. But I have been trying to turn that around in any way I can; working through it,… Continue reading Little things, big hearts.

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Recipe #1- Laur’s smoothie pick of the week. 

Simplicity tells a wild tale. On Friday night, I decided to mix my own smoothie up and it was very 'on-the-spot'. Due to this, and the (sometimes) extortionate price fresh fruit can be, I pretty much had to invent something magical with a bare-looking fruit bowl. When I was getting my five a day earlier… Continue reading Recipe #1- Laur’s smoothie pick of the week.