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Rare Disease Talks: BBC Casualty (2018)

Rare diseases. They're called 'rare' for a reason, and not usually talked about much, apart from on said awareness days or weeks where people care for the most minuscule of moments. One thing that will always resonate with me was an experience I had in my last year of sixth form. I remember, one day… Continue reading Rare Disease Talks: BBC Casualty (2018)

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LOVE Summit 2018: #LushPride

I have never felt pride like the pride I have felt over the past few days, surrounded by the most phenomenal LUSH employees. By pride, I mean the word in two senses; Proud of the people around me and myself for all we'd achieved; Proud of who I am and who I love. The theme… Continue reading LOVE Summit 2018: #LushPride