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The Haute-st Spot in Watford

Upon my return from Paris the UK saw some darn good weather, so I certainly could not complain about not being on holiday on that front. Of course, good weather is a fair motive for leaving the house on a day off (if you can), so my first Friday back I went for a roam… Continue reading The Haute-st Spot in Watford

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Little things, big hearts.

Warning: This post contains mentions of real emotions. REAL EMOTIONS. Beware. Hello lovely humans! So, I've got to say, this week really has not been the best. Heck, it seems like it's been the worst. Just one bad thing after another. But I have been trying to turn that around in any way I can; working through it,… Continue reading Little things, big hearts.

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I’m doing Blogmas! 9 days late…

Considering i'm not keeping on top of posting, I thought 'Blogmas 2016' would get me into the blogging festive spirit! I realise that, yes, we are nine days into December, and, yes, that means I am nine days too late, but guess what? I'm catching up with the first few days in this post!!! This challenge is… Continue reading I’m doing Blogmas! 9 days late…