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Tattoo Talks: I’M TATTED (01×01: My Tattoos)

It's Tuesday, and here on Stories Can Make Us Fly, I'm bringing you my first of a seven part series of posts called 'Tattoo Talks'. This series will incorporate everything from keeping it cruelty free with tattoos and aftercare, the process, my artists experiences and much more. But, today, on this fine Tuesday afternoon, I'm… Continue reading Tattoo Talks: I’M TATTED (01×01: My Tattoos)

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Dragonfly omen. 

Not long ago, I visited Thorpe park with my family. I'm a lucky owner of a Merlin Premium annual pass, and therefore can essentially visit such attractions regularly (though, due to exams, I haven't taken advantage of it entirely), so it's a lot easier than it used to be. Aside, of course, the transport. If… Continue reading Dragonfly omen.