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Everyday discrimination.

(1/2) As a disabled person, you get a lot of people knowing little about you casting judgement. Sometimes this is as you're merely going about your day, and sometimes it's facing accessibility issues; unfortunately, yes, they are intertwined more than one would hope, but today I'm here to speak of the former. I'm using this… Continue reading Everyday discrimination.

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Travelling light, travelling right.

By travelling light, I do not mean bagless. Heck, I am the worst at packing and if you saw my lugging my bags around, you'd think I was trying to move in. By 'light', I mean freely. Without condition. Spontaneously. I've always loved travel, but recently my etching for it has rocketed. I love to… Continue reading Travelling light, travelling right.

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The Yarn bombing project: Mental Health Awareness day

As a Scottish girl, nothing fills me with more pride than going home. I've only been back in Renfrewshire's sweet little town of Paisley twice this year, a shocking 1/4 of the amount of times my dad has. It's pretty gutting, too, that I lost my accent a long time ago- 13 years, maybe, but… Continue reading The Yarn bombing project: Mental Health Awareness day