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What PRIDE means to me

Pride is something I've been raised to have a careful balance with. Before, I never really knew why that mattered, but in more recent years, I have most certainly used it to my advantage. Pride meant little to me growing up. I knew it to bear something on confidence (in a good way) but also… Continue reading What PRIDE means to me

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Waitin’ For You

It's now been ten whole years since my Disney obsessed self got over excited about a new TV movie by the channel, but little did I know that soon, I'd obsess over the film, leading to character obsession, leading to a long time love of one person in particular; Demi Lovato. Following my introduction to… Continue reading Waitin’ For You

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Vegan treats on the high street: Greggs’ Belgian Buns

It was only a matter of weeks ago that, courtesy of my close friend Claire, who blogs over at Rainbows And Thunderstorms, I discovered a glorious fact... Greggs' Belgian Buns are vegan. Being a southerner, our primary high street bakery source is Greggs', the only other real option for sweet treats being independent bakeries and if… Continue reading Vegan treats on the high street: Greggs’ Belgian Buns

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Intuitive Eating – a response to Toxic Influences

A response to Kim Kardashian's toxic behaviour, in which I promote self love and the instinct of intuitive eating.

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Learning To Love The Girl In The Mirror – Helena Grace Donald (BLOG TOUR)

I first heard about ‘Learning To Love The Girl In The Mirror’ a while before I was approached about joining the blog tour. As soon as I saw it, I knew that it would be a book I was going to pick up as soon as I got my hands on it. I don’t know… Continue reading Learning To Love The Girl In The Mirror – Helena Grace Donald (BLOG TOUR)

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Self Affirmations for the New Year

A wonderfully huge hello to you and Happy New Year! How was your 2017? Quite frankly, mine wasn't great, but I did have some amazing opportunities (I didn't do a reflection post as I did that for my 19th birthday in just November- so not at all long ago). I want 2018 to be okay.… Continue reading Self Affirmations for the New Year