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Overcome: How To Be Your Best Traveller (in the face of motion sickness)

It's no secret that I love to travel. Anytime, any place, anywhere... so long as it's accessible enough. Advanced planning (even in spontaneous situations) aids me with the travelling a lot but there's still one thing that I know will get me every time... Travel sickness. Travel sickness, in fact, has always been in my… Continue reading Overcome: How To Be Your Best Traveller (in the face of motion sickness)

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The Haute-st Spot in Watford

Upon my return from Paris the UK saw some darn good weather, so I certainly could not complain about not being on holiday on that front. Of course, good weather is a fair motive for leaving the house on a day off (if you can), so my first Friday back I went for a roam… Continue reading The Haute-st Spot in Watford

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Things I want to do more of in 2018

So. 2017 was a pretty rough year, come to think of it. I did in fact gain a lot and overcome some hurdles, but in the grand retrospect that is my life, many, many events totally changed my plans, future, and I found myself feeling very lost a lot of the time. A few days… Continue reading Things I want to do more of in 2018

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Travelling light, travelling right.

By travelling light, I do not mean bagless. Heck, I am the worst at packing and if you saw my lugging my bags around, you'd think I was trying to move in. By 'light', I mean freely. Without condition. Spontaneously. I've always loved travel, but recently my etching for it has rocketed. I love to… Continue reading Travelling light, travelling right.

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The Smile (a poem by Lauren Curr) 

"Is it alright if I sit here?" A voice deeper than some chirped, It must've where she's from and She smiled the night away. Her make up glowing from her cheeks, Her facial bones a silver line, But what was dazzling is eau natural, It's her radiant beaming smile. Lips made up with raspberry-red, Glitter… Continue reading The Smile (a poem by Lauren Curr) 

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Life as a commuter

'Commuting' is not an art i'm used to, nor have perfected. I guess living no more than 15  minutes from work walking means I never truly have commuted, unless you count my periodic trips into London for Theatre School and rehearsals a 'commute' (well, I did hit rush hour and have to get up at… Continue reading Life as a commuter

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Happy 2016!

Happy new year everyone! I know i'm technically a day or so late to be saying wishes, but this applies all year round. I hope you all have a wonderful 2016, much better than 2015, and that it's full of positivity and sparkles. For the last day of 2015, I went to London with my… Continue reading Happy 2016!