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Volume IV launch (Gorilla Perfumes)

Today is the day that Lush have launched Volume IV (volume 4) of their Gorilla Perfumes range. To be quote honest, Lush perfumes are truly the only ones I've ever been interested (as of becoming more mature- I do admit to buying many of those packs filled with Ted Baker-esque companies sampling 10ml bottles in… Continue reading Volume IV launch (Gorilla Perfumes)

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Becoming YOU: Goals and happiness in yourself

The past few weeks, I have been pushing myself beyond limits and heading towards goals I never thought would come true. After quite possibly the worst month in human history, I had to get myself in gear and go forward. This has been a mix of little things and huge steps for me, but really… Continue reading Becoming YOU: Goals and happiness in yourself

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Recipe #1- Laur’s smoothie pick of the week. 

Simplicity tells a wild tale. On Friday night, I decided to mix my own smoothie up and it was very 'on-the-spot'. Due to this, and the (sometimes) extortionate price fresh fruit can be, I pretty much had to invent something magical with a bare-looking fruit bowl. When I was getting my five a day earlier… Continue reading Recipe #1- Laur’s smoothie pick of the week.