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Life as a commuter

'Commuting' is not an art i'm used to, nor have perfected. I guess living no more than 15  minutes from work walking means I never truly have commuted, unless you count my periodic trips into London for Theatre School and rehearsals a 'commute' (well, I did hit rush hour and have to get up at… Continue reading Life as a commuter

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Becoming YOU: Goals and happiness in yourself

The past few weeks, I have been pushing myself beyond limits and heading towards goals I never thought would come true. After quite possibly the worst month in human history, I had to get myself in gear and go forward. This has been a mix of little things and huge steps for me, but really… Continue reading Becoming YOU: Goals and happiness in yourself

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Work festivities

Part one: Written in OCTOBER. 6pm on Friday night, I was standing in the back room of my local 'Lush' store, sipping from my bottle of water. As the shop's shutters fell, I emerged into the shop floor. The same shop floor would, in only a matter of hours, be transformed. Over the summer, I… Continue reading Work festivities